Post-WWDC podcast interview wish list

Lots of people way smarter than me put out interesting and thought-provoking WWDC wish lists. At the consumer end, Jason Snell and Dan Moren covered all of the bases, from Mac and iOS to Watch to HealthKit and beyond. From the indie developer vantage point, Becky Hansmeyer gave us a brilliant take on what sheContinue reading “Post-WWDC podcast interview wish list”

Ready, Set, Dub-Dub

WWDC is an exciting time, even if this is your first year of a 3rd-5th grade coding club and completing your first app is still a few miles down the road. The breakout sessions, labs, and work groups might be beyond what we’re doing right now, but there will still be a lot of funContinue reading “Ready, Set, Dub-Dub”

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