Futures Lab Design Project

Submissions are due April 24 A fun design project from PSD’s Futures Lab: design the ideal remote learning space. Join us this week for the first in a series of Futures Lab Design Challenges! Open to all ages, all learners. #psdtogether #fldesignchallenge pic.twitter.com/V92qK4KnlU — Futures Lab (@psd_futures_lab) April 20, 2020 What is “design thinking”? KellyContinue reading “Futures Lab Design Project”

Are coding robots with your kids’ time?

Here are a couple of perspectives over at Mashable in an article by Sarah Lindenfeld Hall. While they are mostly talking about coding robots in particular, a lot of the arguments can be extrapolated onto the larger idea of teaching coding, period. I think even the most enthusiastic supporters of pushing coding into the K-8Continue reading “Are coding robots with your kids’ time?”

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