#FLDesignChallenge for May 8

Your mission: How might we design a paper airplane that will fly at least 10 feet? For the project parameters, see this post. Two of our girls took on this week’s challenge. They both produced two ideas, using the brain dump and world’s worst ideas techniques. Then we took them to the porch and testedContinue reading “#FLDesignChallenge for May 8”

Futures Lab Design Challenge

Here is our first stab at the problem, developed by Hope(9) and Nevada(7) from Bacon Elementary. And I’ll admit, we went with the RDEFC* approach. This really would have been a fun project to sit down and do a requirements analysis, needs assessment, brainstorming, and then iterate through solution sets. But the rigors of homeContinue reading “Futures Lab Design Challenge”

Futures Lab Design Project

Submissions are due April 24 A fun design project from PSD’s Futures Lab: design the ideal remote learning space. Join us this week for the first in a series of Futures Lab Design Challenges! Open to all ages, all learners. #psdtogether #fldesignchallenge pic.twitter.com/V92qK4KnlU — Futures Lab (@psd_futures_lab) April 20, 2020 What is “design thinking”? KellyContinue reading “Futures Lab Design Project”

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