News You Can Use Part 237

In no particular order … Reducing stress in our kids while we’re staying at home. NPR’s Patti Neighmond talked with psychologists about how parents can help their kids cope. Reopening Schools Was Just an Afterthought: (from the Atlantic) Americans found out the hard way that education is essential infrastructure. More on reopening schools at theContinue reading “News You Can Use Part 237”

Coding Resources While We’re All in Homeschool Mode

(If you haven’t seen the list of kitchen sink resources, check out last week’s post here.) When it rains, it pours. I thought I’d have trouble finding good resources to help keep the kids busy over the next four or more weeks. But it seems like everyone wants to pitch in, and now the problemContinue reading “Coding Resources While We’re All in Homeschool Mode”

Getting through the next couple of weeks (months?)

Virtual/distance/asynchronous learning is hard enough on a good day, but our district now finds itself in the position of creating a tele-learning program on the fly. The good news is that there have never been so many resources to make this happen as there are today, and so many options are free or have becomeContinue reading “Getting through the next couple of weeks (months?)”

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