News You Can Use Part 237

In no particular order … Reducing stress in our kids while we’re staying at home. NPR’s Patti Neighmond talked with psychologists about how parents can help their kids cope. Reopening Schools Was Just an Afterthought: (from the Atlantic) Americans found out the hard way that education is essential infrastructure. More on reopening schools at theContinue reading “News You Can Use Part 237”

#FLDesignChallenge for May 8

Your mission: How might we design a paper airplane that will fly at least 10 feet? For the project parameters, see this post. Two of our girls took on this week’s challenge. They both produced two ideas, using the brain dump and world’s worst ideas techniques. Then we took them to the porch and testedContinue reading “#FLDesignChallenge for May 8”

Futures Lab Design Challenge #2

We have another great one this week: How might we design a paper airplane that can fly at least 10 feet? One technique to do this would be to just try the first thing that comes to mind … but here’s what typically happens when we solve problems that way. First, we tend to doContinue reading “Futures Lab Design Challenge #2”

Do Not Let Your Parents See This Page!

Monday’s assignment: Print out the attached document and cut out the blocks Arrange the blocks according to the three different diagrams, and each time, place the frame over the assembled blocks to show that it still fits. (See the video at the bottom for a demonstration.) Practice a few times to get the hang ofContinue reading “Do Not Let Your Parents See This Page!”

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