News You Can Use Part 237

In no particular order … Reducing stress in our kids while we’re staying at home. NPR’s Patti Neighmond talked with psychologists about how parents can help their kids cope. Reopening Schools Was Just an Afterthought: (from the Atlantic) Americans found out the hard way that education is essential infrastructure. More on reopening schools at theContinue reading “News You Can Use Part 237”

Post-WWDC podcast interview wish list

Lots of people way smarter than me put out interesting and thought-provoking WWDC wish lists. At the consumer end, Jason Snell and Dan Moren covered all of the bases, from Mac and iOS to Watch to HealthKit and beyond. From the indie developer vantage point, Becky Hansmeyer gave us a brilliant take on what sheContinue reading “Post-WWDC podcast interview wish list”

Lesson Plan Ideas for June 1-4

Science: The Jet Propulsion Laboratory has a great set of projects, and they provide step-by-step written instructions, easy-to-follow video walk-thrus, and hand-outs to make assembly a breeze. This week we tried the Straw Rocket, which adds data collection and visualization to the mix. Literacy: Scholastic hit a home run with their Pottermore 2.0, now calledContinue reading “Lesson Plan Ideas for June 1-4”

Ready, Set, Dub-Dub

WWDC is an exciting time, even if this is your first year of a 3rd-5th grade coding club and completing your first app is still a few miles down the road. The breakout sessions, labs, and work groups might be beyond what we’re doing right now, but there will still be a lot of funContinue reading “Ready, Set, Dub-Dub”

Highlights for May 11

We have a couple of cool articles about the Minecraft:Education platform. • To address the lack of human interaction because of social distancing, they have released a new social-emotional learning content package for the Education edition. • A University of Penn student recreated his campus in Minecraft, which is helping the university think about the utility ofContinue reading “Highlights for May 11”

#FLDesignChallenge for May 8

Your mission: How might we design a paper airplane that will fly at least 10 feet? For the project parameters, see this post. Two of our girls took on this week’s challenge. They both produced two ideas, using the brain dump and world’s worst ideas techniques. Then we took them to the porch and testedContinue reading “#FLDesignChallenge for May 8”

Futures Lab Design Challenge #2

We have another great one this week: How might we design a paper airplane that can fly at least 10 feet? One technique to do this would be to just try the first thing that comes to mind … but here’s what typically happens when we solve problems that way. First, we tend to doContinue reading “Futures Lab Design Challenge #2”

Links for the week of May 4

Lots going on this week .. Our kids continue to work on their Coding at Home projects, like the Week 2 Share Your Skills activity. This one is especially cool because they set up the page during the first session, over maybe half an hour or so, and then they can revisit once a weekContinue reading “Links for the week of May 4”

GWC Code at Home

Have you been trying any of the weekly Coding at Home activities? I’ll admit, stay-at-home schooling has taken up a way bigger chunk of the day that we had expected when we started this new normal thing. This weekend we made a point of trying one of the longer projects, and I think it’s oneContinue reading “GWC Code at Home”

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