Coding Resources While We’re All in Homeschool Mode

(If you haven’t seen the list of kitchen sink resources, check out last week’s post here.) When it rains, it pours. I thought I’d have trouble finding good resources to help keep the kids busy over the next four or more weeks. But it seems like everyone wants to pitch in, and now the problemContinue reading “Coding Resources While We’re All in Homeschool Mode”

Monday's self-paced at home stay positive beat the coronavirus virtual club meeting

I posted this over on the Lessons page but wanted to highlight it here. HQ,GWC will be publishing periodic lessons to help us get through the next couple of weeks (months?). And the first one is great way to shake off the cobwebs after spring break. Unplugged Activity: Stay Positive Binary Bracelets

Homeschooling 101

Help is on the way, they said. Almost too much help, it turns out. The tech community has really embraced the “we’re all in this together” mentality, and new resources are popping up every five minutes. This week I’m sharing a list of online learning resources that are not coding-specific. Next week’s list will leanContinue reading “Homeschooling 101”

Getting started with Scratch

Scratch is an amazing learning and development environment, but it has one problem: getting started. Like any ecosystem in which users are encouraged to share their work, there are thousands of great examples of easy to follow projects, but there are millions of not-so-great examples, and it’s hard to tell which is which until you’veContinue reading “Getting started with Scratch”

Getting through the next couple of weeks (months?)

Virtual/distance/asynchronous learning is hard enough on a good day, but our district now finds itself in the position of creating a tele-learning program on the fly. The good news is that there have never been so many resources to make this happen as there are today, and so many options are free or have becomeContinue reading “Getting through the next couple of weeks (months?)”

News Round-Up: Trying to get back to normal

Can’t think of a pithy introduction so I’ll just launch into the news you can use … An interesting look at applying growth mindset principles to parenting: Teach Your Kids to Fail (New York Times). Architecture + Design: A look at the Black Girls Code offices and workspaces in New York, and how they useContinue reading “News Round-Up: Trying to get back to normal”

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